Benefits of Having an Extended Car Warranty

Auto warranty is considered to be a safe insurance policy for your vehicle which acts as a safeguard against unexpected and expensive repairs. The warranty is for the limited time period in which you can avail certain repairs and maintenance services free of cost or at discounted rates.If you buy a new car, you are automatically covered by the car manufacturer’s auto warranty, which stays with the car for a couple of years. During that time, you can get your car services and claim any damage to the car in case of any miss happening. All the claims and maintenance cost will be paid by the insurance company with which you have insured your car.

But what if the warranty period is about to expire? You would not like to drive with the insecurity regarding any damage to your car. This would increase your tensions and would definitely disrupt the driving pleasure. It is advisable to purchase an extended car warranty for your car, which would keep you calm and provide peace of mind for another couple of years.Having an extended car warranty ensures emergency road

services that can be provided anywhere in the country where the car insurance service provides assistance. Even if you’re stranded with a flat tire or dead batteries in the middle of nowhere, having an extended auto warranty will come to rescue. You can contact your emergency auto insurance providers and they will tie up with you and send their team to check your car and tow your car back to garage if necessary. In the case of an accident, such car insurance companies provide free ambulance and rental car transfers, if your car needs to go to repairing shop.


Having extended car insurance in hand, you can be assured that all the cost of damage repairs will be claimed from the insurance company.  Just make sure to negotiate with the car dealers when buying an extended auto warranty for your car as dealers make huge profits on selling extended warranties. If a dealer is professional, he will give you the best price available in the market. Generally, you have 12 months to use your existing warranty until you should be thinking of buying extended warranty. Wait for the warranty period to lapse and before lapsing get your extended warranty from the dealer.

Before buying the warranty, shop around a little and check the best available prices and policy coverage you can get. Remember, warranty duration begins on the date of purchase of the warranty and not when the car was purchased.

The benefit of having this type of warranty is that gives the owner peace of mind with the knowledge that his car is safe from any kind of damage and ensures his financial investment is protected. Many individuals live on tight budgets so it’s wise to raise funds  now and get an extended warranty auto insurance rather than to finding it hard to arrange money for car repairs afterward.The best benefit is that the price you pay for an extended warranty is far less as compared to the actual cost you’re car would incur during  repairs in workshops.

AA AUTO WARRANTY is one such company that provides you with peace of mind and gives your extended car warranty.  Such companies are run by professionals who are in this business for several years and know how to take care of your car and your ease your troubles.







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